CTE COVID Mitigation Plan

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) is focused on hands-on learning in applied academic settings. Many of our programs require students to demonstrate skills for certification and for competition. In order to provide a learning model that is safe but also meets the needs of CTE certification and assessment, the department has developed a mitigation plan. This plan will allow Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) and certain certification/competition driven classes to operate face-to-face labs in a safe manner.

    The mitigation plan was developed in partnership with and approved by the ASD Secondary Education department.  The plan can be downloaded by clicking here

    CTE Mitigation Plan


    Activities in CTE Classrooms

    Covid-19 Mitigation Plan, 2020-21


    Missy Fraze, CTE Director


    This mitigation plan will provide guidance for ASD CTE teachers and schools engaging in after school Career and Technical Student Organization activities and hands-on certification skills checks and activities.

    Updated 10/13/2020


    Student Participation Requirements

    1. All participants, students and sponsors, must sign the ASD COVID-19 waiver and have it on file with their respective school prior to attending any meeting/event at an ASD facility. 
    2. Students have to complete the health screening questions and submit to a temperature check prior to entering the facility. 
    3. Students must enter the school observing social distancing and wearing masks at all times.


    Teacher / Sponsor Requirements

    1. There must be a designated individual on site responsible for monitoring and following all social distancing, hygiene, staffing/operations (including participant screening), and cleaning and disinfecting protocols as outlined in this mitigation plan. 
    2. The instructor will complete the ASD Monitoring Form for each meeting.
    3. Any meeting or activity must be held in a principal-approved area (CTE lab, classroom, etc.).
    4. A meeting or activity must be entered as a rental event by the school’s activity office in order for the BPO/night crew to clean the appropriate area.
    5. All meetings or events must have pre-approval from the building principal.
    6. Any activity or event must be scheduled after 1:30 on a school day (excluding eLearning Wednesday) for class skills checks. Any CTSO must be scheduled after 2:30 on any day.
    7. Teacher / Sponsor must wear a mask during the meeting or activity.


    Lab Spaces and Shared Equipment:

    1. Must maintain social distancing recommendations of 6’ between students.
    2. All common surfaces touched by students must be appropriately disinfected after the practice or activity.
    3. There must be at least twenty minutes between events using the same space so that the monitor and sponsor may adequately disinfect common touch points.


    Culinary Programs

    1. Teachers must individually assess cooking and/or workstations to determine student capacity within the space and still provide adequate space for social distancing.
      1. Cooking stations and/or work stations must be appropriately marked for 6’ social distancing.
    2. Students must wear gloves and masks at all times. 
    3. Students may not share aprons, hats or other PPE.
    4. No food produced during the activity can be shared with anyone who was not part of the production.


    Health Science & Human Services

    1. Teachers must individually assess student skills while maintaining social distancing requirements.
    2. Masks must be worn at all times unless the student is performing a resuscitative skill.
    3. Only 1 student per mannequin or resuscitative medical device at a time.
    4. Any mannequins or resuscitative medical equipment must be sanitized between uses.
    5. Resuscitative skills checks must maintain a 10’ social distance between individuals.
    6. No gloves or other PPE can be shared by students. 


    Veterinary Assisting

    1. Teachers must individually assess student skills while maintaining social distancing requirements.
    2. Student skills check will require use of live animals. All students must wear masks and PPE and may work in pairs (one restraining the animal and one performing skill).
    3. Any lab or medical equipment must be sanitized between uses.
    4. No gloves or other PPE can be shared by students. 
    5. Live animal drop-off will be coordinated at the entrance to the building by the instructor. No public will enter the building.