Students in need of a computer device:

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    Students who are in need of a computer to start the school year virtually have the option of using an ASD Chromebook. Internet access will be provided for families in need.


    Elementary and Middle School:

    If your child does not have access to a computer (laptop, desktop or Chromebook) and/or Internet, please contact your child’s school to request one. The school will coordinate the delivery of the Chromebook.


    High Schools:

    Every high school student will have a Chromebook available at the start of Quarter 4 of 2021 as part of the District’s 1:1 Initiative. Those students who do not already have a Chromebook will be provided one by the school at the start of the quarter.


    Internet Access

    If you child does not have access to the internet, please contact your school for assistance.


One Chromebook for Every High School Student: FAQ on the 1:1 Initiative

  • What grade levels will be 1:1?

  • What if a student has already received an ASD Chromebook?

  • How will a student receive an ASD Chromebook?

  • Do students bring their ASD Chromebook back and forth between home and school?

  • What does a student do if they leave their device at home or bring it with a low battery?

  • Can a student choose to use their own laptop (“bring-your-own-device”/BYOD) instead of an ASD Chromebook?

  • Will students keep the ASD Chromebook over the summer?

  • Can students personalize their ASD Chromebook?

  • Can the ASD Chromebook be used at home?

  • Will students be expected to use Chromebook for school curricular activities only?

  • What if my student does not have internet access at home?

  • Will inappropriate or unsafe websites be filtered on the ASD Chromebook?

  • Will the Chromebooks have web filtering when used off campus?

  • What happens if the ASD Chromebook is damaged?

  • What about students enrolled in the ASD virtual program?

MTA Offer

  • Mat-Su Borough School District, Anchorage School District and University of Alaska students and employees can qualify for MTA's special Education Unlimited offer on Internet services.


    To sign up for Education Unlimited, call MTA at 745-3211 or 694-3211, or complete the form below to get started and we’ll contact you directly.



    MTA Offer

GCI Offer

  • With beginning the school year entirely online, the Anchorage School District can provide internet access to students in need through a partnership with GCI. As this is a limited resource, families will be asked to complete an application to validate their needs. Parents and students should contact their school directly to begin the process.


    Approved families will have established their need by demonstrating through the application process that they do not have existing internet at home and cannot afford new internet service. These families will receive either a cable modem or hotspot device through the mail. Access to the internet through these devices will be filtered in accordance with ASD policies and regulations. Data upload and download speed is limited but will be sufficient for online student learning. 


    Please note that ASD is unable to offer any increase to existing data plans that families have with GCI.


    FAQs about GCI's Offer