• See Updated Staff Guidelines Below (3/24/2021):


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Staff Guidelines

  • *Updated 3/24/2021

    In view of recent CDC guidance changes and the Mayor’s recent adjustments to Emergency Order (EO) 13, ASD is implementing the following changes concerning the wearing of masks/face coverings in ASD schools/facilities, the requirement to test temperatures, and to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire before entering buildings. These changes only apply to ASD employees.


    Mask/face covering wear in ASD facilities:

    • Within a defined, enclosed space, employees may remove face coverings and be closer than six feet from others when meeting in a group provided:
      • All members of the group are fully vaccinated (2 weeks after receiving a 2nd Pfizer or Moderna shot or 2 weeks after receiving a single Johnson & Johnson shot); and
      • All members of the group are comfortable not wearing masks during the meeting.
    • Face coverings will be worn and social distancing enforced if:
      • One or more members of a group is not fully vaccinated;
      • If the vaccination status of all members cannot be determined; or
      • If one or more members of the group are not comfortable meeting without masks.
    • While in a public setting or walking through hallways, face coverings will be worn and social distancing will be maintained. 
    • Employees will always wear masks/face coverings when working with or when around students. 
    • Employees are may continue to wear masks at all times if they prefer.
    • Read about the available face covering options for staff at ASD. 


    Daily temperature testing and completing a COVID-19 questionnaire:

    • ASD employees will no longer be required to test temperatures or complete a questionnaire when entering ASD facilities.
    • Employees with unexplained or new symptoms are to remain at home until a negative test is received or after 10 days of home quarantine.  Likewise, staff who are not fully vaccinated and are close contacts of a confirmed positive are to remain quarantined until completed.
    • Schools will retain digital thermometers and one computer kiosk in administrative offices for visitor use (non-ASD staff).
  • Mask Wearing