COVID-19 Travel Guidance for ASD Staff and Students

Domestic Travel:

    1. Asymptomatic staff may return to their workplace (ASD building) immediately. No proof of a negative test is required. 
    2. Asymptomatic students of all ages may attend in-person school immediately. No proof of a negative test is required.
    3. No changes for symptomatic and/or confirmed positive staff or students.  Anyone falling into this category should remain at home and consult their supervisor or school nurse for further guidance.  See below.

International Travel

    1. International travelers (vaccinated or unvaccinated) must provide proof of a negative SARS-Cov2 molecular test before returning to school buildings. 
    2. Test must be taken in the United States within 72 hours of returning to a school building. 
    3. Negative test result must be provided to the staff member’s immediate supervisor or to the student’s school nurse.