COVID-19 Travel Guidance for ASD Staff and Students

  • This guidance applies to all ASD staff and students regardless of age who return from travel outside of Alaska.


    Fully-vaccinated individuals:

    • Fully-vaccinated individuals who traveled or will travel within the United States are exempt from the testing and quarantine requirement.

    • Fully-vaccinated is defined as two weeks after receiving the second dose in a two-dose series, or two weeks after receiving a single-dose vaccine.

    Students ages 10 years old and younger:

    • No testing or quarantine requirement as long as they remain asymptomatic


    All other individuals:

    All other travelers are required to submit a negative SARS-CoV2 test result from a test taken no earlier than 72 hours of arrival into Alaska.

    • Test must be molecular-based. No antigen or antibody test.

    • Test can be taken upon arrival in Alaska or anytime thereafter.

    • Test can be taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival in Alaska.

    • The traveler must maintain strict social distance from work/school until test results are available.

    If the result is positive, the traveler must remain in self-isolation and must not return to work/school until cleared by a Municipality or State Healthcare Provider (i.e. Public Health Nurse, Contact Tracer, Pediatrician, or Family Physician, etc.).


    If the result is negative, the traveler may return to work/school as long as they are asymptomatic. Submit the negative result to your school nurse (student) or supervisor (employee).


    If traveler chooses not to get a SARS-CoV2 test:

    • The traveler must maintain strict social distance for 10 days from arrival in Alaska.

    • The traveler may return to work/school on Day 11, if asymptomatic.

    Travel outside of Alaska for less than 72 hours:

    • No test requirement if currently asymptomatic.

    • Must follow isolation protocols if experiencing symptoms.

    Prior confirmed positive SARS-CoV2 result within 90 days of departure: (All Travelers)

    • The traveler does not need a SARS-CoV2 test or to maintain social distance if the three following conditions are met:

      • The traveler provides proof of a previously positive result of a molecular based test for SARS-CoV2 within 90 days of travel;

      • The traveler is currently asymptomatic;

      • The traveler submits the positive result with the date to your school nurse (student) or supervisor (employee).


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