• It’s time to submit your senior portrait. If you want your portrait to be included in the yearbook of your affiliated school, please find your school and look for the details.


    (We also need your portrait for the AMCS yearbook, we have included the directions for AMCS at the top of the table.)


    Affiliate School Yearbook Information!



    Submit one senior portrait to: ​​https://images.jostens.com/416224854

    User ID: 416224854

    Senior Portraits are due November 19th.  


    Senior Portraits are due by Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    To submit your Senior Portrait:

     1) Visit www.yearbookforever.com or download the Yearbook Snap app on your phone 

    2) Type "South Anchorage High School" under the school name

    3) Click "Community Uploads"

     4) Type in the access code "wolverines" to upload your picture

     5) Photos must meet the following guidelines: Format: JPEG Resolution: 300 dpi or higher (Print quality resolution, NOT web) Photos must meet school guidelines for content and dress code. 

    6) If no senior portrait is submitted, the picture day photo will be used.


    Senior Portraits, Tributes & Quotes!  

    It’s time to have your senior portraits taken if you haven’t already. If you fail to get a picture taken at school or fail to turn one in to yearbookforever.com, we will not be calling home for this. You are a young adult: plan responsibly. Due to the craziness and uncertainty right now, you have an extra month to get these done. 

    Senior portraits are due on or before December 3, 2021. 

    Portrait details:

    • Portraits are submitted online ONLY:
    • Go to yearbookforever.com 
    • Type in Service High in the search box (Service should pop up)
    • Click on “Shop the Store.” 
    • Click on “Community Upload” at the top of the page. 
    • Access code is Cougars 
    •  Click on “Upload Photo.” 
    • Select photo and upload (one photo only). - Click on the box that says: “This is a portrait.” 
    • Type in your name and grade (select 12th grade, not Senior) and submit at the bottom of page 
    • IMAGES THROUGH EMAIL, thumb drive,/hard copies will not be accepted. No props, sunglasses, family 

    SENIOR QUOTES Due: December 3! https://forms.gle/MmohR9wZJkYn7JrC9 

    Polaris K-12

    High-resolution Senior portraits and quotes are due to the Yearbook staff by February 1st.

    If you have not already had your senior photo session, we recommend scheduling that right away. Head and shoulder portraits, with no or very limited props, traditionally look the best. You may

    send your high-resolution image and Senior Quote to the Yearbook email address or submit it

    on Polaris.asdk12.org → YEARBOOK tab →2022 Seniors page.

    Polaris Yearbook


    2021 Yearbooks are available for purchase! 

    The 2021 Steller Yearbook is available for purchase, starting at $55.00! Pre-order your yearbook now! Buy your yearbook today: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productBrowse/1115479/Steller-Secondary-School/2022-Ye arbook/2021090804182778070/CATALOG_SHOP/

    Please email the yearbook if you have any questions also send photos here. yearbookstellersecondary@gmail.com 

    Photo submissions for transportation, pets (take a photo with your pet), and also submit covers for the cover contest! 

    Deadlines for Transportation and Pets are November 1st. SENIORS: Please submit seniors' portraits and baby photos as soon as possible. 

    Baby photos and glow up photos are due December 10th 

    Senior pages and Senior Portraits are due January 20th, but we encourage you to submit them earlier. Will not be accepting photos past that date. 

    Pages need to be 1920:1080 dimensions.

     If you have a quote they are due before December 20th.

    Bettye Davis East 

    2022 Senior Photo INFO  


    Senior photos are due November 19th and they can be submitted to this link and User ID:  



    User ID: 416225045 


    Submit your Senior Portrait!

    Seniors must submit their portrait by November 1st to the following link: 



    Submit your Senior Quote!

    Seniors must submit their quote by November 1st to the following link:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMMFcXx_ovJtjYAdE9RWt29P1HlmKrOwmp86r2lc-X_4Ve4w/viewform?usp=sf_link 


    Purchase a Senior Ad!

    Congratulate and honor your senior by personalizing their own spread for the Yearbook! The final ads are due May 1st but the price increases after December 17th. Order your ad now: https://www.jostens.com/apps/jcom/router.mvc?affiliateId=1115478 


    If you have any special information to share about your Eagle that might be a great addition to the yearbook, email pierle_gabrielle@asdk12.org 



    For senior portraits, you must have at least a 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) and a 100 pixels/5mb or larger file. Email us at: dimondlynxYB@gmail.com. Or submit via the form https://forms.gle/f2M2pvdzRRv39gUh9. Or upload your photo to Yearbook Snap app (in Apple Store or on Google Play), access code dhs.


    All senior quotes must be no larger than 140 characters long. If any more characters are added, they will be taken out. Your senior quotes can NOT be questionable or inappropriate. If it is either of these, it will be taken out. These senior quotes are your last words as Dimond High students. Make them inspirational or make them funny. Email us at: dimondlynxYB@gmail.com. Or submit via the form https://forms.gle/f2M2pvdzRRv39gUh9.


    Senior portrait submission deadline for Bartlett High is Friday, November 12th by 2:30 pm. Students should email their portraits directly, hard copy submissions are not accepted. 

    Send to: kimball_kaytlyn@asdk12.org

    Eagle River

    Get your senior portrait in the Sandalius! 


    The deadline for portrait submission is November 19th, 2021, but don’t wait until the last minute - due to publication deadlines, your portraits must be submitted by the deadline, or we will be unable to use your portrait in the yearbook. 


    Portrait Guidelines 

    • Head and shoulders pictures preferred (full body shots allowed but they often look “distant” when published on a page in the yearbook). 
    • The following are prohibited: masks, face paint, sunglasses, props, flags, hats, weapons, animals, or hand signs of any kind. 
    • Outdoor backgrounds allowed as long as the above guidelines are met. 

    Please share these guidelines with your portrait studio so we do not have to deny a portrait due to noncompliance.  Digital portrait submission is required. 


    Quotes & Activity Guidelines 

    Senior quotes and/or activities are also due by November 19th, 2021, as part of the online photo submission process.  Senior quotes must be school appropriate.  ERHS Yearbook reserves the right to use submitted activities in place of inappropriate quotes. 


    Submit All Pictures Quotes and Activities Here:



    Senior Photos and Quotes due December 16th