Mitigation Timeline

  • Remaining from the year prior:

    July – Return to School Guidance Released

    • Universal masking will be required for all individuals while inside any ASD School or building. Some exceptions will apply. Masking while outside is optional.
    • Keep ASD Symptom Free. We must all do our part to minimize viral spread. Please stay home and get tested if you are experiencing ANY symptoms.
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting. Regular cleaning of classrooms, buses, and offices will continue. Hand sanitizer will be readily available and frequent handwashing will be encouraged. Enhancements and upgrades have been made to building HVAC systems to allow for optimal ventilation and air exchange.
    • Keeping students and staff in the learning environment. The District will continue to make COVID-19 vaccine clinics available to eligible students (with parental consent), staff, and community members through a contracted provider. Additionally, following new guidance from the CDC, asymptomatic, properly masked students and fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine if deemed in close contact.

    September – Close contact quarantine removed

    • Quarantine requirements are removed. Asymptomatic close contacts are not required to quarantine.
    • Family Notification of Close Contact. Letters are sent home to families notifying them of close contact and options are offered for families to make a choice that feels safe for them (quarantine, test, monitor for symptoms, any combination).

    October – Bringing in support, student distress, and onsite testing

    • Nurse Support. Contracted additional healthcare staff through support from the State of Alaska. These positions were brought in to assist nurses in secondary school settings with a focus on testing, health screenings, office visits, documentation, and COVID education.
    • Same Day Molecular testing. Contracted with Beechtree laboratory to offer onsite molecular testing first at high schools, then expanded to all Title 1 schools.

    NovemberVaccination Clinics and expanded molecular testing

    • Beacon Contracting with Support from Municipal Funding.
    • We hosted vaccination clinics for 5+ in the month of November serving an additional 3,674 students.
    • Beacon Trailers moved to contracting with Beechtree for specimen processing as their prior lab was taking up to 3 days.
    • Same Day Testing. Expanded to all schools.

    December – Mask considerations

    • The Superintendent considered moving masking requirements to a family choice. However, as Omicron spiked, it was decided that masking requirements in schools would remain.

    January – Masking and quarantine updates

    • Masks. Mask requirements stay in place.
    • Isolation reduced. With CDC guidance, we reduced isolation times from 10 days to 5.
    • Navigating Nursing Needs. We were not able to maintain contracted healthcare support through the State of Alaska, this placed a challenging caseload on staff in the midst of Omicron. We reached out to community nursing schools and were able to get students and temporary staff in to assist with testing and other COVID needs.


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