• If an athlete has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, they must be cleared by an approved health care provider (MDIDO/PA-C/ARNP) before returning to activity.

Return to Activities Policy

  • In partnership for your child’s health and safety, please notify your school nurse regarding a positive COVID diagnosis or any other health concerns following your student’s absence.  We placed a few highlights to consider as your child returns to school from an illness-related absence:
    • It is the parents' responsibility to follow up with school regarding positive COVID results and resuming physical activities. 
    • There are health risks following a positive COVID diagnosis, including multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MCI-S). Therefore, we are encouraging all families to follow up with their primary care providers regarding resuming physical activities if they have any concerns. 
    • There are specific Return to Activities (RTA) protocols for school sports. Please see that guidance here.
      • If the student has previously completed an RTA form following the original diagnosis, they do not need to complete it when joining a new sport. 
      • Students needing to complete the RTA form are any who have had COVID within 90 days of the sports start date (this is also listed on the form). 
      • The RTA form can be found here for families/community partners. 
    We thank you for your partnership. It is through these measures that we can promote the health and wellbeing of all students, which is our primary goal.