• Meet the New Superintendent

  • "The Anchorage School District (ASD) will be a national example of what is possible for a large, multicultural school system. The District will boast high levels of academic achievement and social-emotional well-being for all students, including its special populations and diverse communities. Our schools will have a strong national reputation for offering an inclusive environment that recognizes and elevates staff for hard work. Our families will applaud the district for keeping true to a promise that all ASD graduates will be prepared for careers, college, and life from prekindergarten and onward. ASD will be well regarded for operating authentically to its engrained Alaskan values, while being willing to embrace innovative best practices that will ensure a world-class education."

    - Dr. Jharrett Bryantt


A Message from our School Board

  • Good morning ASD Families, Friends and Community!


     As you know, the Anchorage School Board began the search for a new superintendent in November of 2021 after the announcement of Dr. Deena Bishops' retirement.  Dr. Bishop has served as the ASD Superintendent for six years and during her tenure has worked tirelessly on behalf of students.  The Board is grateful for her service!


    Today, the Board is pleased to announce that Dr. Jharrett Bryantt will be our new Superintendent starting July 1st, 2022. He has committed to a three-year contract with the District.  Although Dr. Bryantt officially takes charge in July, he will be here prior to work directly with Dr. Bishop on a smooth and successful transition. 


    We chose Dr. Bryantt for his transforming vision, his relentless commitment to equitable education, and his strong leadership experience with a large school district. He articulates specific and innovative plans to improve proficiency in reading and math. He is laser focused on students and their academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs, along with a sincere desire to ensure adequate resources are directed to the classroom to support educators and support staff.  Finally, Dr. Bryantt reflects the leadership attributes that were mutually important to Anchorage students, staff, families, and the community. 


    We firmly believe Dr. Bryantt has the vision and commitment to public education for all children, a deep understanding of the K-12 education system, and possesses integrity, honesty, and the ability to keep the focus on students. He embodies these traits and values, as well as demonstrates success in executive leadership, complex organizational change, and financial management. 


    I personally want to thank our students, staff, families, partners, and other stakeholders, for their participation in the selection process which began in November 2021.  Please know that your participation in the process was vitally important and I am proud of all the hard work from all involved.  


    Please join us to welcome Dr. Bryantt to the Anchorage School District!  


    In Service,


    Margo BellamyPresidentAnchorage School Board 

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