• Persons who test positive for COVID should stay home in isolation for 5 days and wear a mask day 6-10 after returning to work/school. Bi-valent COVID shots are very effective against severe illness.  If positive, talk to your healthcare provider about the very effective anti-virals that can prevent severe illness.
    • If you suspect Flu – get tested by your healthcare provider early so that you or your child can be prescribed medication that will help with flu symptoms.  Stay home until fever free for 24 hours and symptoms lessen.  Please get your whole family vaccinated against the flu.
    • We have lots of students coming to school with coughs and runny noses.  Remember to teach your child to cover their coughs & sneezes appropriately and to practice good handwashing (soap, warm water, scrub for 20 SECONDS!)

    COVID vs Flu vs Common Cold vs RSV