• Hazardous travel and work attendance

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    Determination of school closure

    On days when it is deemed necessary to alter normal operation procedures (delayed opening, school closures, altered transportation or work schedules) because of weather or road conditions, a determination to that effect will be made by the superintendent. If the action taken constitutes an emergency school closure and students are directed not to report, or if the conditions occur on an in-service day, the following procedures will be employed:


    Anchorage media outlets will be notified of the status of delay in opening, school closure, transportation changes, or changes in the normal work schedule. Principals, administrators, and the primary secretary will be requested to report to work early in their buildings so they can assist with telephone inquiries regarding weather conditions, the status of school opening time, school closure and determination of the need for substitutes. The ASD Education Center's main telephone line will carry a recorded message encouraging callers to monitor information channels or call their school for the latest information.  

    Attendance rules: Delayed start days only


    Principals will attempt to arrive at school earlier than normal. 

    Teaching staff

    Teachers will report for duty at their regular times and be prepared to supervise students whose parents deliver them at the normal time, provided they can travel safely. 

    Non-teaching staff 

    All non-teaching staff will be expected to report for duty at their regular times provided they can travel safely.

    TOTEM employees reporting to work by the rescheduled start time will receive pay for the time between the regular start time and the rescheduled start time.

    Attendance rules: School closure days only 


    Principals will attempt to arrive at school earlier than normal. 

    Teaching staff

    On emergency closure days for schools, teachers may report to alternative work sites of individual choice provided the missed school day does not have to be made up. If teachers will be required to make up the emergency school closure day, AEA members will be notified on or before the closure day that it is a non-working, non-paid day. Alternate sites of individual choice may include homes if it is the professional judgment of individual teachers that homes are the appropriate places in which to perform their duties under emergency conditions. Unless otherwise announced, schools will reopen the following day and teaching staff should report to their normal work locations. 

    *Teachers who have pre-arranged personal/sick leave for a day that is declared an emergency closure day will have their leave accrual charged as originally scheduled for that day unless a call changing their request is received by the substitute dispatch system prior to the beginning of the public announcements.  

    Non-teaching staff

    • Custodial employees are expected to report for duty as usual, with building plant operators attempting to arrive at school earlier than normal.
    • All facilities/maintenance staff members are expected to report for duty as usual. 
    • Substitutes for school support staff should not be dispatched on school closure days.
    • TOTEM employees are expected to report for work unless they judge that conditions are hazardous, in which case they will use compensatory time, annual leave, or unpaid leave (in that order) for any time not worked. Employees on unpaid leave may arrange with their supervisors to make up time lost.  Support staff represented by TOTEM, but not regularly assigned to schools, are to be treated like school employees during an emergency school closure that affects all schools.
    • ACE employees are expected to report for work as usual and will telephone the supervisor if arrival will be late unless contact is not feasible.  When an employee arrives within 90 minutes of the normal starting time, full credit will be given for the day’s attendance.  If travel to the workplace is hazardous, the absence will be charged one of the following ways: (1) if the employee elects, the day may be charged to annual leave; (2) if the employee has no annual leave days accrued or does not wish to charge the day to annual leave, the absent day may be unpaid; (3) by mutual agreement between the supervisor and the employee, the employee may be allowed to utilize flexible scheduling to make up work missed or may work from an alternative worksite. 

    The following employee groups should not report when students are not in attendance:

        1. Bus drivers will be notified by 5:30 a.m.
        2. Bus attendants
        3. Student nutrition employees working in school buildings
        4. Crossing guards and noon duty attendants


    School closure and paycheck release

    In the event that a determination to close schools is made on a day that paychecks would normally be released for either monthly paid employees or bi-weekly paid employees, the following procedures will apply:

    • School paychecks will be held at the ASD Education Center and will be available for pick-up between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. from the Payroll Department;
    • Paychecks that are not picked up will be sent to schools for release to employees on the next district workday that schools are open
    • Direct deposit advices will be available online as normal. 


    Typical media announcements

    The following announcements are typical of the notification to be shared publicly: 

    Delayed start

    “All ASD schools will open one hour later than usual today due to weather and road conditions. School buses are operating one hour later than the normal schedule. All school district employees will report for duty at their regular time.” 

    Schools closed

    “All ASD schools are closed today due to weather and road conditions. Employees should follow emergency closure procedures for their building or department. Unless otherwise announced, schools will reopen tomorrow” (or on Monday if closure occurs on Friday).  

    All District facilities closed

    “All ASD schools and support facilities are closed today due to weather and road conditions. Only emergency staff should report for duty, including all facilities and maintenance staff. Unless otherwise announced, schools will reopen tomorrow” (or on Monday if closure occurs on Friday).

    Revised September 2014