• About Zone Exemption Applications

    Any student who wishes to attend a neighborhood school outside of their boundary area has the opportunity to complete a zone exemption application for the desired school, through the online lottery system.


    Apply Online


    Space available

    If there's space available a seat to attend will be offered. An email will be sent to the parent indicating that the application was accepted and to enroll the student.


    No space available

    If there's no space available for non-neighborhood students, then all applicants are placed into a pool until the next lottery date. Once the lottery has been run, the applications are randomly placed on a wait list by the lottery system. If a seat becomes available, the first student on the wait list will be offered the position. An email will be sent to the parent that the student has been accepted and to confirm or decline the position. If the position is not accepted within 48 hours, the system will automatically decline the position and offer the seat to the next applicant on the list.


    Acceptance is based on space availability, grade level and gender balance, and specific school or program requirements determined by school board policy 322.3.


    Once a zone exemption has been approved and accepted, it is valid for the remainder of the student's time at that school. Additional zone exemption applications are not needed for successive years at the same school.


    Students currently attending

    If your child is currently attending a school/program as a result of a lottery or zone exemption placement, a new application is not necessary for that school each year. Your child may continue attending until aging out of the school/program.