• If you are an ASD teacher and would like to submit an activity request: 

    1. Log in to TripDirect
    2. Refer to ASD help documentation:

    The Community Resources Department acts as point of contact for schools interested in requesting field trips, speakers and assemblies. The department schedules all People Mover buses, along with the scheduling of school buses for field trips that are scheduled by Community Resources.

    Community Resources schedules the following activities:

    Field Trips

    Student groups visit community facilities to gain exposure to the physical environments of the different sectors of our community. These groups also have an opportunity to observe and explore the attitudes, activities and skills involved in a particular cultural or work activity. 

    • Alaska Botanical Garden
    • Alaska Department of Fish & Game – egg-take / ice fishing / salmon celebration
    • Alaska Native Heritage Center
    • Alaska State Courthouse
    • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
    • Alaska Zoo – self-guided Safari
    • Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall – Lunch only
    • Fire stations
    • Naturalization Ceremonies - Federal Courthouse
    • People Mover
    • Pioneer School House
    • Portage Valley / Begich, Boggs Visitor Center
    • Student Nutrition
    • Walking tour - historic downtown Anchorage and regional landmarks
    • Weather Service Forecast Office - Balloon Launch

    School staff is responsible for scheduling all other activities that are not listed above and the buses associated with these activities.

    community services field trip

Classroom Speakers

  • Community members come into the classroom to offer teachers an excellent tool for expanding learning opportunities available to their students. 

    • Alaska Botanical Garden – Gardens in the Schools
    • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center / Conservation Education Programs
    • Forest Ranger Academy – in-school programs
    • Weather Service – in-school presentations


  • An assembly provides activities for larger than classroom-sized groups for cultural, career or subject-related experiences. 

    • Fire safety
    • Shavila