• All Equipment and Software donations will conform to ASD Board Policy 833 Gift and Donations in addition to the following guidelines. 

    Donated equipment must be in good working condition. 

    Both the Apple standard and Dell standard should be 2 GHz Core Duo or better processor with 2 GB of memory. 

    Mac OS should be 10.6 or higher. 

    Schools must purchase a Windows license for any Dell computer that is donated. 

    The District also maintains/repairs printers that meet current district purchasing standard. That standard is: Lexmark laser printers that are Ethernet ready. 

    Hardware donations are restricted to the Apple, Dell, and Lexmark devices listed above. Donations that do not meet these minimum standards will not be accepted. Schools/Departments will be responsible for purchasing software, and any additional costs for power, network, or facility needed to accommodate the new equipment. 

    Donation of Computer and/or Printer Equipment

    1. The equipment must be configured to meet the District's current minimum standard as stated above. If the donation fails to meet the standard, the school/department must agree to cover the costs of upgrading the equipment before accepting the donation.
    2. The donation will need to be assessed by the district's IT Equipment Repair. It must be in good, working condition and have all the parts to comprise a complete system.
    3. Donated printers will not be used as ‘queued’ printers due to the difficulty of matching printer drivers with our IFAS SMS systems. 

    Donation of Software

    1. Donations need to include the license(s) for operation, media shipped by the publisher, and documentation.
    2. The software cannot be a version where the donor has paid for an upgrade, and wishes to donate the old version. This would be a violation of copyright agreement with the publisher.
    3. The software must meet district standards for curriculum and/or must be on the recommended list of district software. 

    Donations made at the District Level

    1. Donations must meet all of the above specified donation criteria.
    2. Requests to donate will go to the IT Equipment Repair Lead, 742-1362.
    3. The IT Equipment Repair will send a message to all schools outlining the specifics of the accepted donation.
    4. The interested school will then make direct contact with the donor to make all arrangements. 

    Procedures once Donation is Received

    1. Equipment must pass a hardware inspection by the district's IT Equipment Repair.
    2. Once the equipment is received, the school will notify the Purchasing Warehouse, the item will be added to the school's inventory and a district inventory tag will be generated. School staff will affix the inventory tag.