• About Our Certificated Opportunities

  • Counselor K-12

    In order to be considered for a counseling position with the Anchorage School District you need:

    • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
    • A valid Alaska type A or C certificate endorsement as a school counselor or guidance and counseling.
      • A type C social work/counseling psychology endorsements with two years of school counseling experience will be considered in lieu of the school counselor or guidance and counseling requirement.Counseling /school based internship with school age children.
    • School guidance counseling experience is preferred.
    • Experience in providing behavioral and academic interventions with secondary youth is preferred.
    • The Anchorage School District is committed to establishing an environment of respect and mutual collaboration by attracting and retaining a quality work force, at every level in the District, who are committed to providing a positive learning environment, who value diversity and who reflect the diversity of the Anchorage community and the relevant labor market.


    Principals/assistant principals

    In order to be considered for an administrative position with the Anchorage School District you must:

    Complete an online application. The online application is the key to moving anything forward. To receive full consideration by the divisions your online application should be submitted (and/or updated) by March 1 of each school year. However, applications will continue to be vetted and released throughout the spring and early summer.

    Once you submit your online application it will be reviewed by the HR Staffing and Operations Department. If you have also applied for a teaching position, your application will be vetted for teaching eligibility first.

    We will need a complete and accurate application in order to properly vet your application. Included in the review will be an examination of the electronic confidential reference forms that are sent out to those who you include in your professional reference section.

    If you meet the posted qualifications for the specific administrative position, you will receive email confirmation that your application has been released to the administrative areas for which you are qualified to work (i.e., elementary, middle, high).

    Following that release you may be asked to express your interest in a specific site posted administrative job. In most cases being released in a timely and early fashion to the divisional pool is sufficient for the division(s).

    Once your name has been forwarded to the appropriate divisions they will paper screen the pool down to a manageable number and interview select candidates based upon their likely openings.

    Each division pursues a specific path after they have done their divisional level screening and queries relative to your application status should be directed to the appropriate division.


    Related Services

    Related Services positions include:

    • occupational and physical therapists
    • school psychologists
    • speech-language pathologists
    • educational audiologists

    Please see the Special Education Department homepage for more information.


    School Nurses

    In the Anchorage School District, our school nurses:

    • Support student learning and promote health and wellness for an entire school.
    • Provide nursing services including: screenings, treatments, medication, diabetes and seizure management, health counseling, linkage with community providers, health promotion, and injury and disease prevention education.
    • Actively assist in identifying students with disabilities and participate on multidisciplinary educational teams.
    • Interpret each student’s health history and develop plans for those with health needs.
    • Are members of the AEA bargaining group (certificated position).

    View our nursing brochure.

    School Nurse Requirements

    • Current Alaska RN licensure.
    • A bachelor of science in nursing.
    • Two years nursing experience, assessment, and referral skills.
    • A type C certificate from the Alaska Department of Education.


    World Language Immersion Teachers

    Signing bonus

    Individuals who are qualified and hired to fill a position in a world language immersion program will receive a $5,000 signing bonus. Signing bonuses are prorated for those hired at less than 1.0 FTE status. The bonus will be paid during the employee's first 30 days of employment and will not be subject to retirement contributions. Employees who fail to complete their contract will be responsible for repaying the entire amount.