About Our Classified Opportunities

  • Classified positions cover a broad range of areas and skills. ASD has classified staff in nearly every department and building working to support our students, families, and teachers.

    Classified positions do not require an Alaska teaching or administrative certification. Some positions may require specific licenses or applicants may be required to pass a post offer/pre-employment physical capacities assessment. Please read the job description thoroughly to ensure you meet the minimum requirements. 

    Information on wage scales for these positions is available in the bargaining unit contracts for ACE, Bus, Local 71 Custodians, Food, Maintenance, and TOTEM.


    Clerical Staff

    Clerical staff includes clerks, registrars, secretaries, administrative assistants, and similar positions. They work to support administration in our front offices and departments. Clerical staff have skills in customer service in person, on the phone, or via email; in typing and filing, organization, and other related areas.


    Paraprofessional Educators

    Paraprofessional educators work closely with teachers in the classroom. They support teachers’ lesson plans and activities and provide other aid to teachers and students. Special Education paraprofessional educators may have other specialized duties depending on the needs of their students.


    Specialists, Analysts, Managers, and Coordinators

    ASD employs a number of specialists and related positions at various levels. These mid-level professionals support our Finance, Budget, Information Technology, Payroll, Maintenance, Student Nutrition, Security, and all the other departments, programs, and projects that are a part of creating and maintaining a large school district.



    Custodians provide essential services in maintaining ASD buildings. They keep areas clean, perform light maintenance on the building, and maintain the building grounds. They watch our buildings for health, safety, and maintenance concerns.


    Student Nutrition

    Staff in ASD’s Student Nutrition Department assist in providing nourishing meals to keep our students fueled and ready to learn. Positions at different levels use the latest nutrition science to create healthy and tasty menus. Food service staff also prepare, pack, and serve both breakfast and lunch to students.



    Maintenance staff at ASD perform a variety of tasks to maintain district equipment and buildings. Painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, automotive repair technicians, and individuals with various other trade experience are employed to keep ASD at peak performance.


    Bus Drivers and Attendants

    ASD bus drivers and attendants are key in students’ days. Drivers and attendants transport and supervise students both to and from school and provide transportation to various events throughout the district.


    Classified Administration

    ASD has career opportunities for mid and senior level professionals. Chiefs, directors, and supervisors provide vision, strategy, and leadership for various departments in areas such as finance, operations, human resources, information technology, maintenance, and more.