Answers to Frequently Asked Substitute Questions

  • Q.  How many days do I need to work to remain active for the next school year as a sub?
    A.  It is the expectation of the Anchorage School District that a substitute will work a minimum of one day a month. Substitutes who have not worked in one calendar year will have their employment inactivated and will need to reapply.

    Q.  Can I have two letters of reference instead of two online confidential references?
    A.  No, the online application requires two confidential reference surveys.

    Q.  What if I end my duties prior to the end of my scheduled workday?
    A.  You are required to work the hours posted on the job you accepted, if you need to leave early seek approval from the front office prior to leaving.

    Q.  I forgot how to log into Absence Management (Aesop) or am unable to login.
    A.  Your username is lastname_firstname. Your password is the same as that of your ASD email. If you are unable to login with the correct credentials, please contact the IT Service Desk at 742-4615.

    Q.  I am unable to accept jobs by phone, or my phone won’t stop ringing.
    A.  To change your personal account to accept or deny phone calls with Absence Management (Aesop) please click on the Preference tab, then click Call Times to make the necessary adjustments.

    Q.  How do I view jobs online in Absence Management (Aesop)?
    A.  Once logged into Absence Management, you will see open jobs in the section Available Jobs in the lower section of the screen.

    Q.  Am I able to work two half day jobs as a teacher substitute?
    A.  Yes, but please ensure the morning school is aware and approves an early dismissal time to ensure attendance at the afternoon school. If the morning school is unable to accommodate early dismissal, contact the afternoon school to let them know you are on your way. Be familiar with locations of schools and only accept two half day jobs when they are close in proximity.

    Q.  When will I receive my paycheck?
    A.  Substitutes are paid biweekly, every other Friday. A pay schedule sheet was provided with your new hire paperwork. If there are additional questions concerning your paycheck please contact the Payroll Department at 742-4103.

    Q.  Is training offered for new hire teacher substitutes?
    A.  We offer training online through our PD and Evaluation system.

    Q.  If the job I am reviewing doesn’t have the subject taught available, what can I do?
    A.  You can check the school website to see what subject the teacher is teaching or contact the school.

    Q.  Am I required to have special training to work with our special education students?
    A.  No, additional training is not required.

    Q.  My job was cancelled at the last minute, what happened?
    A.  A job already accepted may need to be cancelled at the last minute by the school or employee. We recommend checking your accepted jobs and your ASD email in the morning, prior to leaving for work.

    Q.  Do I get paid for mileage?
    A.  No, substitutes are not reimbursed for mileage.