• STEP Center

    The STEP Center is a disability information and resource center for students, educators and parents. The center maintains an extensive lending library open to Anchorage students, parents, educators and community members.  Find more information at their website. And don't forget to check out their Lending Library.


    Family Sign Language Classes

    Sign language classes are available during the school year to all parents and family members of students attending our school. For more details contact Ann Curry at curry_ann@asdk12.org


    Requesting an Interpreter

    For students and parents who need an interpreter for school related activities, there is an easy way to request one. Just use the email address ASL_Request@asdk12.org and list the date, time, who is involved, and any other information the interpreter will need to fulfill your request. ASL_Request will get back to you with a confirmation and it's as easy as that!


    Alaska Advisory Board for the Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    The Alaska Advisory Board for the Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DEB) consist of members from Alaskan organizations that are invested in the education of deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind individuals.  To read minutes from meetings, please email DEBchair@gmail.com


    Spring Retreat

    The annual Spring Retreat provides an educational and cultural experience for middle and high school students from throughout Alaska who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing to discover their identity and take pride in themselves.  For more details about the 2019 retreat see our flyer.


    Listservs of Interest

    Individuals can receive information directly by subscribing to any of the following listservs.

    Alaskan Deaf Community Listserv                  

    2013 Annual Picnic

    To subscribe email: Deafsupports@hopealaska.org

    Alaska Deaf Council

    To subscribe go to:  https://www.alaskadeafcouncil.org/home

    Alaska Statewide Deaf and Hard of Hearing Listserv

    To subscribe email:  curry_ann@asdk12.org


    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Apps for students and families

    The apps listed in the attached document are for general information purposes only.  A reference to these commercial products does not indicate or imply an endorsement by AKSD.  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Apps