Registration Requirements

  • Immunizations 


    Alaska state law requires all school children to be immunized in order to attend school. ASD follows the state’s strict requirement of “No Shots, No School” and requires proof of immunization at enrollment. By law, a student is not allowed to attend classes unless they are compliant with immunization requirements. The exceptions to this are a valid Alaska state medical or religious exemption (must be notarized) or a 30 day waiver for those who are in the Child in Transition or active duty military dependents who have just been relocated to Anchorage. Military and Homeless waivers are required by federal law.


    See Immunization Requirements section for more information and forms

  • Health History


    All New-to-District students must complete the ASD Health History form provided to them upon registration. Returning students will document and/or review current Health History during completion of online registration.


    Parents are encouraged to call or visit their nurse and talk about the special needs of their child. This is especially critical for students with special medical conditions or when there has been a significant change in a child's health.


    Health History Form:

  • Care Plans and Medications 


    Please reach out to the school nurse if your child will need medical services during the school day, or see the Forms page for standardized Care Plans and Medication forms.