• How are building needs determined?

    Two different tools are used to determine the necessity of funds and improvements for all ASD building: The Facility Conditions Index (FCI), and Education Adequacy (EA). Every year, the FCI and EA for each facility are updated to include the latest changes in building conditions. Reviewing these assessments allows the district to identify which buildings have the greatest needs.


    Big number 1‌Facility Condition Index (FCI)


    The FCI shows deficiencies in building systems such as roofs, boilers, windows and similar items. This may be thought of as the physical condition of the building and its components.


    Big number 2Education Adequacy (EA)


    The EA shows deficiencies in instructional capabilities such as teaching spaces, special purpose areas and other spaces. This may be thought of as the functional use of the building and whether the space is appropriate for the instructional activities within it.


    The information stated above is contained in a Facilities Sustainability Needs pamphlet.