• Thank You Voters! The Anchorage School District knows that together, we are creating high-quality public schools with efficient facilities that will serve our community for many years to come.


    Your Investments at Work--2013-2017 Bond Work Addressed Needs and Improvements at 62 ASD Facilities

    New main entryways were created with controlled access for increased student and staff safety with more secure access for families and community visitors to schools.

    At Rabbit Creek, for example, the main office was relocated to face the visitor entrance to the school, allowing for more defined monitoring and safety measures. The addition of IP security cameras also addressed security issues. Recreating the main entryways required the reconfiguration of interior walls. It is anticipated that the new spaces will result in reduced energy consumption.

    At Turnagain Elementary, portions of the roof were replaced. Additional parking and a longer drive-through lane make access safer and easier for students, families, and staff. Art, health, and resource classrooms were built at Gladys Wood, as well as enclosing the library and expanding the music stage.

    At Mountain View Elementary, there is improved front office security and renovated primary bathrooms. Flooring, ceilings, walls, doors, and roof sections were also replaced. Other emerging school needs met included:


    • West High School – roof soffit in pool area
    • Fire Lake Elementary – roof replacement
    • Inlet View Elementary – domestic water supply improvements


    Renovation at Airport Heights Elementary was significant and included adding a new multi-purpose room, dedicated art, health, and music rooms, and more adequate and sufficient space supporting special education students with intensive needs. 


    West High/Romig Middle Schools IMC Renovation

    At West High and Romig Middle schools, projects repaired damage sustained during the 7.1 earthquake on January 24, 2016, which included structural upgrades, the addition
    of five classrooms, and improved flexibility in an instructional media center.

    Bartlett High School Cafeteria and Kitchen Renovation

    Providing a centralized cafeteria and kitchen for efficiency and safety, named in honor of a beloved teacher, Tanya Taylor-Winchester. Taylor-Winchester was a Bartlett alumnus, graduating in 1988. In naming the cafeteria in her honor, the School Board recognized Tanya as a “beloved member of the Bartlett staff, inspirational teacher, and mentor for new teachers.” She was described as one who embraced everyone she met with a genuine smile and interest in their life.

    Girdwood K-8 School Construction

    Meeting a great need for the families in Girdwood, a major renewal created a new K-8 learning space with a two-story expansion housing middle school students, a gym, and a commons/library complex. The roof systems were completely reworked. 

    Aurora Elementary School Gym Addition

    Continuing to serve military families on JBER, a gym facility was added at Aurora Elementary to provide increased learning spaces.

    Planning and Design for Future Work

    At nine schools, required planning and design provided the foundation for the most efficient procurement and process development.

    Building Life Extension Projects

    At 19 schools, protecting the facilities and extending the life of publicly owned spaces demonstrates the commitment of the District to the accountability to residents.


    Bond Spend and Bond Debt Retirement

    In 2013-17, the bond proposals totaled $116 million. In the last decade, ASD has retired and paid off almost $218 million in bond indebtedness. Conributing factors to the bond cycle include:

    • When a bond proposal is approved by voters
    • Timing of actual selling the bonds
    • Municipality of Anchorage bond credit rating 
    • State of Alaska bond debt reimbursement (some bonds are sold/paid off under the State reimbursement legislative appropriation of 60/40 or 70/30 bond debt reimbursement)
    • Schedule of work completion
    • Rate of payment on debt


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