About our secondary alternative schools & programs

At the middle and high school levels, alternative programs offer a variety of choices from a science focus, to International Baccalaureate, to programs for at-risk teens and many other choices in between.


Please contact your school if you have questions about the curriculum or your child’s progress. There are many opportunities for parent involvement.


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SchoolSchool TypePhonePrincipalGrade/age

Alaska Middle College School

SecAlt 907-742-2744

Martin Lang


ASD iSchool

Alternative, SecAlt 907-742-1230

Lou Pondolfino



Alternative, SecAlt 907-742-4930

Nichelle Mauk

Ages 16-19

Benson Secondary/SEARCH

Alternative, SecAlt 907-742-2050

Frank Reuter


Central Middle School

Middle, SecAlt 907-742-5100

Joel Roylance


Chugiak High School

High, SecAlt, WorldLang 907-742-3050

Megan Hatswell


East High School

High, SecAlt, Qual 907-742-2100

Samuel Spinella


King Career Center

High, SecAlt, CTE, PreK 907-742-8900

Lou Pondolfino


Polaris K-12

Alternative, ElemAlt, SecAlt 907-742-8700

Carol Bartholomew


Romig Middle School

Middle, SecAlt, WorldLang, Qual 907-742-5200

Carrie Sumner


SAVE High School

Alternative, SecAlt 907-742-1250

Karin Parker


Service High School

High, SecAlt, CTE 907-742-8100

Frank Hauser


Steller Secondary

Alternative, SecAlt 907-742-4950

Reed Whitmore


West High School

High, SecAlt, WorldLang, Qual 907-742-2500

Sven Gustafson




Types of secondary alternative schools


At-risk teens

These programs are for students who have fallen behind in credit and are more likely than others to drop out of high school and not attain a high school diploma.


International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is a rigorous, international K-12 curriculum with a focus on academic rigor, an international perspective and the interrelationship of all knowledge. The IB program develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.



Through ASD iSchool’s online classes, students have access to courses that may not be available at their school, allow students to overcome scheduling challenges and meet student needs. Online courses may be taken as original course attempt or for academic advancement.








Open Optional

Flexible Optional programs recognize individual strengths, needs, and interests, and support social and emotional growth through rigorous academics and self directed learning. Students may experience multi-age classrooms, peer-teaching, assessments based on goal-setting, self-evaluations and portfolios in addition to tests, and assignments. 



School-Within-a-School emphasizes student responsibility and productivity. Students are expected to develop self-reliance, to cultivate intellectual curiosity and to seek academic challenge. Students earn credit in a number of ways, including traditional class work, independent studies and small group research.



The Seminar School uses Socratic seminar method, a strong sense of community and a learning environment that emphasizes independence, trust, personal responsibility and an open mind. The TSS curriculum is built on the consideration of classic texts that span the history and breadth of human experience.









Science focus

This school community focuses on science integration in all curricular areas, with high academic standards for all children. Central is data-driven and has a dedicated staff working to ensure that students are instructed and challenged at their individual ability levels.


World Discovery Seminar

The World Discovery Seminar Program is an alternative, smaller learning community. Rather than relying on textbooks, the program employs the Paideia methodology, a Socratic-based learning/technique focusing on in depth understanding of classic historical and literary materials. Emphasis is placed on deeper understandings rather than a general content.


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