About our qualification only programs

Students may only attend these programs through either school recommendation, current life situation or assessment of need. Many of the programs listed below are available through neighborhood schools that also offer a standard curriculum. 


Please contact your school if you have questions about the curriculum or your child’s progress. 


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SchoolSchool TypePhonePrincipalGrade/age


Alternative, Qual 907-742-3950

Robyn Harris

Ages 18-21

Alaska State School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Alternative, Qual 907-742-4243

Ann Curry

Pre K-12

Bartlett High

High, CTE, Qual 907-742-1800

Sean Prince


Baxter Elementary School

Elementary, Qual 907-742-1750

Dawn Campbell


Clark Middle School

Middle, Qual 907-742-4700

Cessilye Williams


College Gate Elementary School

Elementary, Qual 907-742-1500

Darrell Berntsen


Crossroads School

Alternative, Qual 907-742-4092

Sue Doherty


East High School

High, SecAlt, Qual 907-742-2100

Samuel Spinella


Hanshew Middle School

Middle, Qual 907-349-1561

Nancy Brain


McLaughlin School

Alternative, Qual 907-742-1120

Nichelle Mauk


New Path High School

Alternative, Qual 907-742-4939

Nichelle Mauk

Ages 16-22

Northwood ABC Elementary School

Elementary, Alternative, ElemAlt, Qual, PreK 907-742-6800

Deanna Beck


Orion Elementary School

Elementary, Qual 907-742-0250

Brenda Cheathon


Rabbit Creek Elementary School

Elementary, Qual 907-742-5700

Gregory Balcao


Rogers Park Elementary School

Elementary, Qual 907-742-4800

Nuri Johnsen


Romig Middle School

Middle, SecAlt, WorldLang, Qual 907-742-5200

Carrie Sumner


Russian Jack Elementary School

Elementary, PreK, Qual 907-742-1300

Elizabeth Hornbuckle


Special Schools

Alternative, Qual 907-742-4092

Sue Doherty


Tudor Elementary School

Elementary, Qual, ElemAlt 907-742-1050

Nicole Sommerville


Wendler Middle School

Middle, Qual 907-742-7300

Brendan Wilson


West High School

High, SecAlt, WorldLang, Qual 907-742-2500

Sven Gustafson


Whaley School

Alternative, Qual 907-742-2350

Robyn Harris




Types of qualification only programs


Creating Successful
Futures (CSF)

Creating Successful Futures provides an early intervention for kindergarten through third-grade students whose behaviors are such that a targeted intervention is necessary to change anti-social behaviors to pro-social behaviors.



AK State School for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

AKSDHH provides an educational option for preK-12 deaf and hard of hearing students that fosters and supports the development of both American Sign Language and English. 


Emotional and behavioral support

These schools coordinate services and programs to serve the needs of students with emotional and/or behavioral issues identified through their Individualized Education Plan.








Expelled or incarcerated

These programs are only available for students who meet the requirements of entry into the program, either through long-term suspension, expulsion, or incarceration.


Highly Gifted

The Highly Gifted Program is designed to meet the educational and social/emotional needs of students identified as highly gifted who benefit from academic enrichment beyond what can be provided in a standard school environment.



The IGNITE program is an enrichment based pull-out program for gifted learners who have met the eligibility criteria under ASD's Plan of Service for Gifted Students. The program is available to students in grades 2-6, offering enrichment opportunities that incorporate universal themes with classroom learning.


  • Districtwide







Integrated Honors

The Integrated Honors Program is a college-preparatory program designed to emphasize academic writing and analysis of classic literature. Experience with the Seminar Method begins in ninth grade and continues through the program.


Native education

The Title VII Indian Education Program has staff in schools across the district who concentrate their efforts on academic assistance, counseling and cultural enrichment for Alaska Native and American Indian students.








Newcomers' Center

The Newcomers’ Center offers students in grades 7–12 who are monolingual speakers of languages other than English an opportunity to enroll in a two-and-one-half hour block period. Certificated teachers, with the assistance of a bilingual tutor and bilingual counselor, provide students with necessary survival skills in the English language as well as basic concepts in language arts and social studies.


Pregnant or parenting teens

Crossroads provides a supportive instructional environment which allows students to continue their education while pregnant and/or parenting. A complete program of instruction is provided with an emphasis on core academics. The program uses online instruction in conjunction with traditional coursework to meet the academic needs of students.


Special Education

Special education services are available to eligible students from ages 3 through 21 who experience disabilities and require specially designed instruction. Individual special education programs are cooperatively developed by an individual education planning (IEP) team which includes parents, teachers, administrators and, when appropriate, other specialists.


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