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Special Schools has classrooms in various community locations. Students are primarily referred for placement in the community location by outside agencies or district administration. Whaley Center is the umbrella for Special Schools due to the Title I designation for assessment purposes. Therefore the Whaley Center report card is available for review. ASD personnel working at the Special School sites are assigned individual classrooms as determined by the principal.


Grade levels: K–12


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Several reports and data that assess this school's performance, goals, student issues, community input and more can be found on the performance assessments and surveys page.


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Bragaw Heights (North Star Behavioral Health Systems) - 1500 DeBarr Circle

Bragaw Heights is located on the North Star Behavioral Health Systems (NSBHS) campus and provides acute care for adolescent girls.  This special school provides educational services to students during their stay at NSBH.  Students may earn credit toward graduation.


DeBarr Heights (North Star Behavioral Health Systems) – 2530 DeBarr Road

Located on the North Star Behavioral Health Systems campus, DeBarr Heights is an acute care facility serving children and adolescent boys, K-12, for an average stay of 28 days.  The school provides for elementary students, as well as adolescent boys. Students are usually referred for treatment by parents/guardians or community agencies.


Turning Points (North Star Behavioral Health Systems) – 1500 DeBarr Circle

Turning Points provides educational services to adolescent girls enrolled in the long-term residential program located on North Star Behavioral Health Systems campus. Students earn credit toward while in attendance.  


Humphrey Heights (Providence Health and Services) – 3210 W 62nd Ave.

Humphrey Heights provides long-term treatment for up to 10 adolescent girls. Students attend school on campus and may have a part-time placement at a local high school or middle school when transitioning out of the program.  Credits are earned toward graduation.


McKinley Heights (ARCH – Volunteers of America) – 8012 Steward Mt. Drive, Eagle River

McKinley Heights provides secondary educational services for adolescent boys and girls in residential treatment for significant substance abuse and mental health concerns.  The average stay in the program is 6 to 7 months.  Students earn credit toward graduation while in residence.


Providence Heights (API) 3700 Piper Street

Providence Heights provides educational services for secondary students, in acute care at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute.  The classroom serves approximately 12 students at any given time.  Referrals to the facility are made through the police department, court order, parent or legal guardian.  


Jesse Lee Home (Alaska Child and Family) – 4600 Abbott Road

The Jesse Lee Home is a long-term residential treatment facility serving adolescent boys.  Educational services are provided in two Special School classrooms of approximately 10-15 students each. Credits toward graduation are earned while in attendance.  Youth are referred to the Jesse Lee Home by state and private agencies.


Maplewood Group Home (Alaska Child and Family) – 1920 E. 24th

Maplewood Group Home is a long-term residential treatment program for secondary adolescent girls.  Credits may be earned toward graduation.  Referrals for treatment are made through state and private agencies. 


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