Core services

The core of the school is the self-contained classes located in schools of the Anchorage School District. They are located at:



Comprehensive services


Anchorage School District curriculum is followed as we strive to meet Alaska School Standards. The Ling curriculum is used for speech.


Progress monitoring allows staff to make better decisions regarding instruction and curricular use. While AKSDHH strives to consistently use ASD curricula and Alaska State standards, we also continually research other materials that meet the educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing students more closely.


Transition readiness

Transition readiness classes use the iTransition program, which is designed for deaf or hard of hearing students, ages 14 through adult. Students in transition classes will discover:


  • More about their work skills and interests and how they relate to a career choice.
  • Explore options for post secondary education
  • Survey what campus departments and service can assist you.
  • Develop critical thinking skills in academics, career, and personal choices.
  • Organize information in their own online transition portfolios.
  • Iimprove self-advocacy skills through communicating with others.


Vocational options

Students have a wide range of vocational options. Courses at the King Career Center that students often take include auto mechanics, carpentry, child care, printing, food service and computer technology.


Community-based training for vocational programs and transition after high school has been popular and successful with AKSDHH students. Placement into the Adult Continuity Education (ACE) program, and Adult Continuity Transition (ACT) is determined by the IEP team during the student's enrollment in high school.


Teachers, interpreters and teacher assistants help students toward success in these courses. On-the-job work experience and after school jobs are a natural part of these vocational education options.


Related services


For out-of-Anchorage students, travel to and from Anchorage is provided through the ARC of Anchorage for the school year plus winter and spring vacations. Depending on a student's age, escorts are sometimes provided. Travel is also provided for parents to attend IEP meetings and special workshops. Bus transportation is provided daily between Anchorage and Wasilla through an agreement between ASD and the Alaska Department of Early Education and Development.



The Anchorage School District audiologist is responsible for entering information on the eligibility assessment form, trouble shooting equipment, as needed, and providing testing to families at no charge. The audiologist is located at the ASD Education Center at 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd. and can be reached at 907-742-4526.


Speech-auditory services

Speech teachers provide evaluations, recommendations, and individual and group lessons. Classroom instruction and support are also provided.


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