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Known by many as the father of the linguistics of American Sign Language, William C. Stokoe began publication of Sign Language Studies in 1972. With the encouragement of Thomas Sebeok, Stokoe created his seminal journal as an outgrowth of his pioneering studies of the structure of American Sign language and the dynamics of Deaf communities. From then until recently, SLS has presented a unique forum for revolutionary papers on signed languages and other related disciplines, including linguistics, anthropology, semiotics, and deaf studies, history, and literature.

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Odyssey Magazine

Odyssey features articles about issues important to the families of deaf and hard-of-hearing children and the professionals who work with them. Each issue centers around a specific theme. Subscription is free.

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RID publications

Topics include fingerspelling, numbering, multiple meanings in ASL, team interpreting, ethical decision making, mentoring, interpreting and much more.

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