Tips for having a successful school year

Have the right supplies

Generic supply lists

Middle school
No high school list is provided. See your school.

We recommend that you contact your school or receive class syllabi before purchasing school supplies. Schools and classes may require different items and having a list from the school or teacher will help you avoid making unnecessary purchases. Generic lists of supplies are provided in the box above to help you get started.


Provide a study area

Study area, desk Does your student have a space available for the sole purpose of completing nightly homework? If not, you may want to establish good homework habits by setting up a homework "station" — a quiet, comfortable, well-lit place where your child can go to focus on the tasks at hand. This location should have ample light and desktop or tabletop space. And, if the homework space lends itself to decoration, let your child fix it up with artwork or posters. Also, keep school supplies on hand in this area — items such as pencils, pens, erasers, paper, an assignment book or calendar and a dictionary. Once your student sits down to work, he or she shouldn't have to hunt for basic supplies.


Establish a study schedule

study clock Statistics show that students who spend more time on homework get better grades and score higher on tests than kids who don't put in enough study time. Set up a study schedule and try to study at the same time each day -- at a time when your child is most alert. A nightly routine will encourage responsibility and study habits. It also reinforces your commitment to your child's education especially if you involve your child in setting up the routine. Teachers often assign "homework" for younger students just to establish a routine and a sense of responsibility. If there is no assigned homework, encourage your child to read or look at a book. And, when its time for your child to work, turn off the television and stereo and enforce quiet time in the homework area. Also remove distractions and discourage telephone calls during homework time.


Get involved

Studying with parent Your interest in your student's education is critical to his or her success in school. At the beginning of the school year, ask about the school's homework policy. What kinds of assignments will be given? And, after your child has completed an assignment -- look it over, show an interest and ask questions. Make it easier for your kids to avoid last-minute cramming by helping them determine how long an assignment will take and what resources will be needed. And finally, praise your child for effort. This can go a long way toward motivating a student to complete assignments.


Enjoy your child's enthusiasm for the back-to-school season. We look forward to seeing all of our students on the first day of school.

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