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ARRA grants

Descriptions of the ARRA projects funded by education stimulus money


Each year the district's financial plan is based on staff and community input as well as suggestions and feedback received through email, the ASD website, and from testimony at board meetings. The budget reflects the district’s on-going efforts to balance community interests, maximize performance and contain costs.


Preliminary Financial Plan

In November the Anchorage School Board sets the upper limit of the budget, allowing the budget preparation process to begin. The superintendent and key administrators work together to review department recommendations and develop the Preliminary Financial Plan, which is presented to the board. 


Proposed Financial Plan

After the Preliminary Financial Plan is presented, the board listens to community input and discusses the budget at two day-long public hearings and two budget readings before adopting the Proposed Financial Plan in February.


Adopted Financial Plan

In March, the Anchorage Assembly also hears public testimony, reviews the budget and approves the amount of local tax funding and the upper limit spending authorization for the district's Adopted Financial Plan.


Once the budget is approved by the assembly, the district then waits until the legislature and the governor complete their work to determine the level of education funding. If the state provides for increased costs, the district then revises its budget. The school board may adopt a revised budget to reflect changes in local, state or federal funding and return to the assembly for authority to spend the funds.


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The CAFR represents the culmination of all of the financial and accounting activities engaged by the district during the year. It is prepared to conform to the practices and principles recommended by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.


Supplemental documents

A variety of documents are created and available each year from board memos and reports to the annual Budget Basics.


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