2014-15 budget documents

The proposed budget, approved by the school board with amendments, now goes to the Anchorage Assembly for its approval

The budget went before the board for two readings; the final vote taken on Feb. 20, 2014

The preliminary budget was presented to the Anchorage School Board on Jan. 23, 2014



Budget revisions approved

May 20, 2014 - The Anchorage School Board approved the budget revisions outlined in Memo #222 with one amendment which provides for a transition in special needs/CTE charges to charter schools at 50% in FY14-15 at a cost of $1.27 million in fund balance. A revised version of the Proposed Financial Plan reflecting this amendment will be posted online once finalized.


May 18, 2014 - ASD Memo #222 - Budget Revisions for FY 2014-15 and Charter School Allocations Appendix 1C

Memo #222 went before the school board at the May 19, 2014 regular meeting, late session.


2014-15 school year budget approved by the Anchorage School Board

Some high school teaching and counseling positions brought back and implementation of high school's 6-of-7 schedule delayed


The budget closes a $23 million shortfall by eliminating 200 positions by the end of this school year. It will be presented to the Anchorage Assembly in March with a vote scheduled at its March 25 meeting. 


An open statement to the community from the Anchorage School Board

Many people in the community have been asking about what the board has been doing to educate and inform both the community and legislative representatives about the district's budget deficit. Tam Agosti-Gisler, board president, prepared this statement outlining the board's recent efforts.

10 things you should know

The Anchorage School Board has 10 important things it wants you to knowabout the budget. 


Megaphone Call to action

‌If education is important to you, and you believe more money needs to be put into schools, the board asks that you make your thoughts known to the governor and legislature.


The following changes were made to the proposed budget:

  • Delay implementation of the 6-of-7 schedule at the high school level.
  • Revise the Upper Limit Authority to reflect updated financial projections.
  • Add 16 teacher full time equivalent positions to be funded from $1.6 million of the fund balance. 
  • Add three full time equivalent counseling positions to be funded from $0.3 million of the fund balance.
    In order for this amendment to take effect and become part of the budget, the board had to vote to suspend board policy 724.4.3 Minimum General Fund Unrestricted Fund Balance because the proposal dropped the fund balance below 8%, to 7.9%. By policy, the fund balance is not allowed to be more than two percentage points below the maximum percentage allowed by state law, which is currently 10%.


2014-15 Budget adjustments

Download the news release and list of proposed reductions


Classroom instructionFTE position
Reduction due to decreased enrollment (44.0)

Enrollment down ~2% this year, projected to be slightly lower next year

Elementary schools (7.0)

Change in Pupil‐Teacher Ratio (approx 1) 38‐classroom; 5‐PE/Health, 4 ‐Music/Art; proportional reductions. Number adjusted by board and assembly in June 2014.

Middle schools (4.0)
Reduce 2 planning sections a day to 1 (1 planning section per day remains across divisions), maintain class size and course
offerings to the extent possible; adjust pupil teacher ratio. Number adjusted by board and assembly in June 2014.
High schools & alternative schools (2.0)
Adjust pupil‐teacher ratio, move to 6/7 schedule to maintain class size and course offerings to the extent possible, match
federal funding reductions in JROTC. Number adjusted by board on final vote, Feb. 20, 2014 and the board and assembly in June 2014.
Subtotal (57.0)
Number adjusted by board on final vote, Feb. 20, 2014 and the board and assembly in June 2014.


Instructional supportFTE position
Special Education transition coordinators (8.0) Realignment
     Special Education teachers 4.0 Realignment
 Special Education secretarial (4.0) Realignment for decentralized services
Special Education audiology teacher (0.5) Vacant position
Special Education teacher assistant (2.0) Realignment
General counselors (5.3)
Realignment to general counseling pool. Number adjusted by board on final vote, Feb. 20, 2014.
Highly gifted counselors (2.0) Realignment to general counseling pool
Gifted support at middle schools (2.0) Reductions parallel pupil-teacher-ratio adjustments
Subtotal (19.8)


Pilot programsFTE position
Pre-kindergarten   Board approved May 2014
     Pre-K teachers 3.0  
     Pre-K teaching assistants 3.0  
     Pre-K coach/interventionalist 1.0  
Early literacy program   Board approved May 2014
     Elementary teachers 18.0  
     Early literacy coach/interventionalist 12.0  
Subtotal 37.0  


Special needs programsFTE position
Special Education 1.0

Board approved May 2014

English Language Learners 1.0

Board approved May 2014

Subtotal 2.0  


Building leadership & supportFTE position
Assistant principals (2.0)

Vacant positions

School clerical (4.0)

Manage vacancies and attrition

Subtotal (6.0)  


Building/ancillary support servicesFTE position
Maintenance (9.0)


Subtotal (9.0)  


Districtwide support/central administrationFTE position
Professional Learning restructuring (3.5)

Restructure Professional Learning Department

World Languages (1.0) Realignment
STEM (1.0) Realignment
Health Services (2.5) Realignment, training services outsourced for 1; 1 vacant position, shift to grant for 0.5
Assessment (1.0) Vacant position
Information Technology (7.5) Realignment and elimination of vacant positions
Finance (3.0) Realignment
Purchasing (2.0) Realignment, shift 1 FTE to capital funding for capital project support
Human Resources (1.0) Realignment
Subtotal (22.5)  
Number adjusted by board on final vote, Feb. 20, 2014 and the board and assembly in June 2014.


Additional reductionsAdjustmentNotes
Districtwide supplies/materials ($1,400,000)

Districtwide reduction

High school swim classes (270,000) Reduce muni rental fee; no impact to Special Education IEP requirements, swim/dive team
Sports reductions (170,000) Outsourcing of girls' hockey, travel reduction
Special Education addenda (100,000) Transition from elementary specialized department chairs to general elementary department chairs
Shift 3 facilities FTE to capital support (150,000) Reflects support of capital project delivery
Sub training/incentives (50,000) Adequate pool of certificated substitute teachers
Subtotal ($2,140,000)  


Fee changesFee changeNotes
Student activity fees $100,000

10% fee increase under review for sports at tiered levels based on cost of sport

Subtotal $100,000  


Program enhancementsFTE position  adjustmentNotes
ASD iSchool $420,000

Enhance online year-round and summer opportunities

Subtotal $420,000  



Understanding district finances

These increasingly challenging fiscal constraints aren't going away. The budget gap between revenues and expenditures is in the tens of millions of dollars in each year of the foreseeable future.




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