Enhancing Education through Technology

The primary goal of the Enhancing Education through Technology program aims to improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. The grant was issued under the Artifacts for Alaskans by Alaskans competition, which is a statewide teacher competition to submit artifacts (lessons) that are delivered through technology. Artifacts of winning teachers have been uploaded onto the Alaska Learning Network website. They will eventually be accompanied by standards-based lessons and will be a permanent resource for the Alaska Learning Network, a statewide online learning resource for Alaska schools.


ASD Artifacts projects funded:


Erik Johnson, Highland Tech Charter School - Mock Business Assignment

Students researched business structures and created a mock LLC called "J&F Apparel." They self-organized, creating departments, leads, and a board of directors and chose to participate in the part of the business that interested them most. Project students create real T-shirts for other advisory classes in the school, and manage their expenses and profits. Any money that J&F Apparel makes is divided equally among shareholders, to be used for educational activities in advisory class. Some of the proceeds are donated to charity. Through the process, students use a variety of technologies such as laptops, tablets, collaborative software, and video editing programs.


Jason Arthur, Highland Tech Charter School - Combat Fishin'!

Combat Fishin'! is the joint creation of a teacher and student team. The students were asked to choose a river in Alaska that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game monitors, then gather several years worth of salmon counts for a particular species, and then analyze that data using technology and mathematics. In the end, the students found a quadratic regression equation to model the data and were thus able to choose average start, end, and peak dates for that particular salmon run.


Once the data were compiled and analyzed, the students created a presentation in a digital format that they showed to a panel of experts, including teachers, administrators, parents, fishermen, and business partners. Through the project all students were required to learn and show competency with the internet, spreadsheets, graphing, calculators, and presentation formats.


Luke Almon, Eagle River High School - Digital Research Assignment

A website was designed, created, and published by a student team working on a digital research project. The published website is the result of a three-week unit addressing critical analysis of source material and its inclusion in research. In addition, design elements that make websites and web content user friendly were reviewed and incorporated into the student-created site. The subject of the research and the website were chosen by the student team and reflect the team's specific interest in a current, topical, often controversial issue.



Enhancing Education through Technology grant supports:


$10,000 in technology for each of the winning teachers to use in their classroom or school.Participation in the Alaska Society for Technology Education conferenceTeachers in working with the Alaska Learning Network staff to make their lesson and units standards-based.

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