Library Patron System

The Library Patron System project will revitalize the district’s Library Patron System by supporting teachers in delivering curricula and students in attaining 21st century skills. District Grade Level Expectations will be addressed while meeting state and district library and information literacy standards.


SFSF supports the Library Patron System project through:


  • Patron machine refresh in libraries across the district
  • Replacement of the Library Management System
  • Replacement of the Online Public Access Catalog. Some features that an updated OPAC is expected to have include:
    • Robust search engine
    • Developmentally appropriate search screens
    • Results lists sorted by title, author, publication date, subject heading, etc.
    • Ability to save searches so work does not have to be repeated later
    • Patron accounts allowing users to check their borrowing record and to place Inter-Library Loan requests
    • Ability to save and share book lists
    • Spell check
    • Ability for patrons to rate books and write reviews

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