Server replacement

Servers funded through the Server Replacement project are necessary to keep ASD functioning while the network upgrade is put in place. Once the network is upgraded, a number of distributed servers will be centralized and many will not need to be refreshed in the future.


SFSF supports the Server Replacement project through:


Education Center storage appliance

Provides for expanded capacity of the centralized storage appliance at the Education Center to enable data migration for departments off of their end-of-life, out-of-storage servers and to enable backup capabilities.


Middle school servers

Servers in the middle schools are failing due to lack of disk space. Additional disk space will allow smooth operation of middle school systems.


Elementary school servers

Replacement of elementary school servers, which have never been refreshed and are past end-of-life.


Mediasite server

ASDTube is the district’s online, on-demand video information system and is used to support training throughout the ASD. In order to maintain system integrity and speed, another server is needed to increase disk storage and processor speed.


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