Title II-D

Title II-D is a federal program under the No Child Left Behind Act that provides supplementary funding to enhance education through technology. Title II-D ARRA funds will allow more teachers to incorporate technology into classrooms to help raise student achievement to grade level expectations.


The three main Title II-D ARRA initiatives include:


Technology Grade Level Expectations (GLE) teacher

A two-year position to finalize, implement, and evaluate ASD’s technology literacy GLEs in coordination with curriculum committees. Beginning in 2012, all districts will be required to report on technology literacy of eighth grade students as part of the No Child Left Behind Act. This position will assist with moving the district toward clear technology standards at every grade level and in every curricular area.


Districtwide resources

Continued and increased access to districtwide resources, which the ASD has implemented on a trial basis. These resources, selected through a multi-year vetting process, provide equitable access to technology-rich resources across the district.

  • NetTrekker: Teacher-vetted, differentiated web searching
  • Discovery Streaming: Standards-based digital media resources that complement instructional content
  • Discovery One Place: Portal to provide simultaneous searching of a variety of ASD technology-based resources
  • Atomic Learning: Provides 24/7 online professional development as well as 21st century resources and technology literacy assessments
  • Elluminate:Online learning and communication tool


MY Access! and Achieve 3000

ARRA funds support the next phase of implementation for the Online Learning/Digital Citizen project through the purchase of licenses for the MY Access! computer-assisted writing program and the Achieve 3000 computer-assisted reading program (see Title VIB, Section 611 IDEA ARRA for more information).

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