Title VI-B, Section 611 IDEA

Title VI-B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a federal program that provides funding for districts to supplement the level of special education and related services provided to students with disabilities who are enrolled in special education programs.


The ASD Title VI-B Section 611 IDEA ARRA funds support:


  • Individualized Education Program System purchase, implementation, and professional development for teachers and staff
  • Consultation and Site Evaluations for Site Plan Development
  • Special Education Department teachers and staff salaries and benefits


In addition, further systemization of the Response to Instruction program (see also SFSF and Title I-A ARRA). RTI identifies student needs for intervention at different levels, including early intervention and disability identification.


  • Elementary School Counselors (6), hired to serve two elementary schools each, increasing the number of schools with on-site counselors to 41
  • Middle School (10) and High School (8) Intervention Support Specialists to work with students exhibiting behavioral challenges
  • Site-based specialists identified from existing staff at each elementary school (60) to train in leadership skills and literacy development. These positions seek to build on the achievement that students experienced with reading coaches previously funded by a Reading First grant
  • Summer school is a positive avenue for both special education students and those students who are not meeting proficiency levels in reading or math, to make progress while not receiving direct special education services. In addition to learning opportunities, these will be opportunities to learn the interventions that are working for these students in order to replicate them elsewhere
  • Professional development, including staff collaboration, data analysis, and cross-district planning to examine student data and develop plans for intervention


These funds also support, along with SFSF funds, expansion of the Online Learning computer-assisted reading and writing programs that have proven to be successful with students with disabilities, including:


  • MY Access! computer-assisted writing program that provides instant feedback on the six traits of writing. Effective for students of all levels, including special education students who work more productively when provided immediate feedback tailored to their individual needs
  • Achieve 3000 computer-assisted reading program that provides reading instruction at every student’s individual level. A wide array of topics are covered for every curriculum area through current event news articles, allowing students of all reading levels to participate in discussions on the same topic. This promotes cohesiveness in the class while challenging every student to continue to improve their literacy skills whether they are currently reading above or below grade level.

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