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ASD is required under federal law to provide transportation assistance to students that qualify for CIT. School stability is a key component of academic success. Many families that qualify for CIT services stay in multiple locations before finding permanent housing of their own. It is not uncommon for a family to provide CIT with 5 or more addresses during the school year.


When a student is eligible for CIT transportation assistance (not all CIT students are eligible), the goal is to transport that student to school on an ASD school bus, this however is not always feasible. If an ASD bus is not available and the the family has access to a vehicle, the family is provided gas vouchers to get their students to and from school. If this is not an option, People Mover bus passes my be provided depending on the specific situation. If no other option is available and ASD is required to provide transportation assistance, a taxicab may be utilized to transport that student to and from school. When a taxicab is used, it is the most cost effective method of transporting a student to and from school.


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