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ASD Connect‌‌


A monthly e-newsletter filled with stories, events and news for anyone interested in happenings at ASD.

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Sent after the school board meetings, these updates provide a summary for each agenda item and its approval status.

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Social media

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ASD news, stories about our students, photos and events reported on this popular social networking site.

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Up-to-the minute announcements that can be sent to your cell phone. ASD has two accounts: ASD_Info for general news and ASD_Closures just for closure announcements, nothing else.

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Photos and videos from ASD.

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Email subscriptions

ASD DirectEnvelope


You choose from three email subscription lists that send out news as it happens: 'News' will get you all the district news releases, 'Board' will notify you of school board activities and meeting agendas, and 'Closures' will keep you in the loop on any school closures.

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For parents

It's easier than ever for parents to stay involved with their child's progress in school:



Contact teachers, get class news and monitor their student's assignments, attendance and grades



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