Printing and graphic design services


Print requests for staff‌Papers

  • Fill out a Printing Request form
  • Attach a hard copy to the print-ready document or send an electronic print-ready copy
  • Send the request to Publication Services at King Career Center or email Call 742-8923 with questions.

A print-ready document is ...

  • at its final size with no staple or fold marks.
  • clean and smudge-free on white paper.
  • in the preferred, PDF format when submitting electronic documents. It allows for cross-platform portability and will retain all fonts and graphics as originally set. Ask your school's technology coordinator for help creating PDFs.


ASD's Publication Services team are the creative masterminds of ASD's branding look and feel. Publication Services is equipped to handle both large- and small-scale print runs. Located at the King Career Center, the print shop operates offset presses for print runs of one or more colors. Services for finishing include cutting, folding, binding, padding and distribution. Variable data runs are also available. Short run copy jobs are completed by the digital print shop at the ASD Education Center. Publication Services also offers graphic design and layout services for approved projects.


Business cards

Staff can order business cards using the link found on the District Connection under the "Other resources" heading. Once approval from the employee’s supervisor is received, the request goes to the print shop. Cards are printed monthly and will be delivered through interoffice mail.



ASD cannot violate copyrights. If something on the document is copyrighted by another party, it cannot be reproduced without written permission from the copyright owner. If you have questions regarding copyright issues, contact Library Resources at 742-6091.


Graphic design portfolio

Click the image below to take a look at some of the great work produced by the Publication Services team.


X Expect the Best Annual report 2016
X Boardroom achievement posters
X E-vites
X Social media Graphics
X School Logos
X Announcements

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