Anchorage School District brand guidelines

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‌‌‌Parents learn early on that consistency is important. Kids have to know parents mean what they say, and that although there is room for negotiation, limits and boundaries are important. The same is true in the use of language. If people make up rules as they go along, their ability to communicate loses credibility. Style guidelines are like road signs. Drivers understand the red hexagon says “STOP” before they actually read the word. The use of capital letters accentuates the command for them to put on the brakes. Drivers also know that street signs provide clues for what lies ahead. Style helps people in a big, diverse group like the Anchorage School District navigate through the myriad messages of school newsletters, principal letters, administration memos and news releases by using our own set of “signs.” Having the periods in the right place and quotation marks where they belong, capitalizing when appropriate, using abbreviations correctly and recording time, date and location in the same way makes documents easier for readers.

ASD brand truth:

The core: the way we want staff, faculty, students and the community to think and feel about ASD. Constantly encourage everyone to make your brand truth part of all you do and say. Use it as a filter to be sure everything ASD does is focused and consistent: Success for Every Child.


Style is not about censorship; far from it. It’s about making information more clear, giving some articulation to communication materials, and letting personal messages sing through without grammatical, typographical and other writing errors to break the rhythm. Using the recommendations in this guide will allow parents, students, coworkers and administrators, the primary readers of ASD publications, to see that we respect what we do—that we have style.

ASD brand assets:

The main brand asset to the Anchorage School District is the logo. It should be used on all information that comes from the district (including schools) to create consistent awareness.



The Anchorage School District logo consists of an icon, and wordmark and tagline.

ASD logo in color and black and white examples

Logo usage

The Anchorage School District logo should not be used smaller than .75”. If it has to go smaller, drop the tagline on the bottom of the logo, which will not be read when it is this small.

Sample of ASD logo usage - appropriate size

Logo clear space

Allow 1/6 of x (the length of the logo) around the entire logo to set it apart from other information.

Example of how much space should be allowed around the ASD logo


Use the ASD main color when printing with one ink of color. If printing two color with a lot of copy, choose black and a secondary color.


ASD main color

The main color for the school district is reflex blue.

ASD main brand color sample


C 100 Y 00 M 73 K 2
R 57 G 71 B 146
WEB #333399



ASD secondary colors

The secondary colors for the school district are the following. These hues should be used as much as possible to extend and enrich the brand.

Pantone 295

C 100 M 67 Y 0 K 64
R 0 G 30 B 92
WEB #001E5C

Pantone 7706

C 93 M 35 Y 35 K 10
R 69 G 94 B 116
WEB #455E74

Pantone 7697

C 72 M 30 Y 33 K 0
R 93 G 126 B 141

ASD sand

C 6 M 7 Y 14 K 0
R 241 G 233 B 218

Pantone 114

C 9 M 16 Y 79 K 0
R 237 G 204 B 73

Pantone 138

C 1 M 53 Y 100 K 0
R 218 G 139 B 32

Pantone 723

C 30 M 55 Y 92 K 9
R 173 G 120 B 54
WEB #AD7836



There are two font families suggested - Adobe Garamond and Trade Gothic Condensed. Use these two typefaces primarily: if these faces are unavailable, use Times New Roman and Arial Narrow as a substitute. You can use the italic and bolds and semibolds in the Trade Gothic and Adobe Garamond family also.


Primary fonts

ASD branding primary font examples

Substitute fonts

‌‌ASD branding secondary font examples

Look and feel:

These are the elements that will add to the feeling of your brand. A fresh and innovative feeling should come across. This can be done with photographs and additional elements such as lines and boxes (see examples).


Photography style:

Choose photography that expresses diversity, energy, direction, and creates a positive feeling. A photo that does not have a center focal point should not be used. It is better to use photos that are shot closer to the individual, where he/she aware of camera. By doing this, you do not have the feeling that this photo is just a snapshot - and you generate emotion with the subject. There should not be a lot of elements in the photo, just enough to tell the story.

Teacher and student in biology class   Students in lunch room eating, smiling at camera   IT employee standing in front of computer wires/servers/IT stuff   Two students painting a sign, smiling

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