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JBER mentors teaching children

JBER Partners Mentor Young Men

The Wonder Park Elementary School Boys' Academy held its first event last week. Students teamed up with their JBER School Business Partners to build Hot Wheels tracks to reinforce the importance of teamwork, communication, and compromise. Future academies include topics such as electronics, knot tying, cooking, and team sports.


"We hope to expand this program to include more community members to help model positive behavior for our young men," said Principal Sean Murphy.



Teacher Gets Math Supplies Through Chevron Grants Program

Teacher Gets Math Supplies Through Chevron Grants Program

Muldoon Elementary School Special Education Teacher Tiffany Wilson had a big surprise for her students last week. Tiffany's DonorsChoose request for $735.28 in classroom materials was fully funded through the Chevron Fuel Your School program. She requested hands-on math supplies to make learning math story problems fun and engaging for her special education students. Chevron representatives surprised the class with two Lego math sets, magnetic white boards for each student, number sliders, and math workbooks.

In her grant request, Wilson said the new materials will support the culture of her classroom, "Students who enter my classroom often never want to leave. In our classroom, learning is made exciting, the classroom is a safe place to learn, and students' physical and emotional needs are met with structure, routine, and kindness."


For every eight gallons of gas purchased during the month of October, Chevron will make a donation to the Fuel Your School program, up to $100,000, which will go directly to ASD classrooms.