About the Activity Interest Student Survey

The Activity Interest Survey is distributed to all schools in the Anchorage School District who serve grades 5 through 11.  ASD is required to administer a survey to these students to comply with Alaska Regulation 4AAC 06.520 (Recreational and Athletic Activities) in order to assess student interest in extracurricular activities.  It also meets our legal obligations under Title IX.


Students in grades 5 -11 will take the survey online at their school sometime during the first two weeks in October.


Notice to parents


2016 Activity Interest Survey – Grades 5 - 11 only


The 2016 Activity Interest Survey is administered to provide schools with information about student interests in recreational and athletic activities.  This questionnaire is a tool that meets our legal obligations under Title IX, as well as, compliance with Alaska Regulation 4AAC 06.520.  The results assist schools in planning around student’s extracurricular activities.   This survey will take place at your child’s school between October 3 and October 14, 2016.


This short survey does not require parental permission and will be administered to all students in grades 5-11.  This message serves as a notice to parents about this upcoming survey.


The questions contained in the student questionnaire ask about student’s interests in sports and school club activities.  This survey is anonymous so no individual responses can be traced back to the student.

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