career technical education anchorage school district

certificationsavailablethroughasdcte pathway: alliedhealthservices Designed to provide a broad range of experiences in the healthcare industry, this unique pathway prepares students for entry into multiple pathways including therapeutic services, diagnostic services and health informatics. First Aid/CPR potentialcareersbasedoneducationlevel certification/license Medical Billing/ Coding Medical Office Admin Pharmacy Technician Phlebotomist associate/apprentice Lab Technician bachelor's Nurse master's/doctorate Doctor Nurse Practitioner Pharmacist pathway: biotechnology&research This pathway prepares students for careers involving bioscience research and development as it applies to human health. Scientists study diseases to discover new treatments, invent medical devices used to assist patients and improve the accuracy of diagnostic tests. The knowledge and skills learned in this pathway can be applied in a variety of industries. potentialcareersbasedoneducationlevel certification/license Phlebotomist associate/apprentice Medical Lab Technician Processing Technician bachelor's Biochemist Microbiologist Research Assistant master's/doctorate Researcher 23