career technical education anchorage school district

Biomedical Technician Materials Manager Biomedical Engineer Architectural Engineering Technology Civil Engineering associate/apprentice bachelor's master's/doctorate pathway: supportservices Careers in this pathway provide a therapeutic environment for the delivery of healthcare. Support services offer a full range of career opportunities from entry level to management, including technical and professional careers. First Aid/CPR certificationsavailablethroughasdcte potentialcareersbasedoneducationlevel pathway: therapeuticservices This pathway prepares students for careers related to changing the health status of the patients over time. Health professionals in this pathway work directly with patients; they may provide care, treatment, counseling and health education. CNA Certificate First Aid/CPR certificationsavailablethroughasdcte PCA Certificate State of Alaska ETT bachelor's master's/doctorate Medical Assistant Dental Assistant Licensed Practical Nurse Surgical Technician Wellness Coach Doctor Pharmacist Certified Nurse Assistant Message Therapist Paramedic Personal Trainer Pharmacy Technician Athletic Trainer Dental Hygienist Dietician potentialcareersbasedoneducationlevel highschooldiploma/ on-the-jobtraining certification/license associate/apprentice Nurse Nutritionist Physical Therapist 24