career technical education anchorage school district

GIS Technician Geology Technician Fisheries Technician Firefighter Geologist Hydrologist Mining Engineer Wildlife Manager Park Ranger Greenhouse Sales Farmer Greenhouse Manager Botanist Biotechnology Lab Technician Gold Course Superintendent potentialcareersbasedoneducationlevel potentialcareersbasedoneducationlevel certification/license highschooldiploma/ on-the-jobtraining associate/apprentice associate/apprentice bachelor's bachelor's pathway: naturalresourcesystems This pathway prepares students to enter into careers in habitat conservation, forestry, parks and recreation, environmental services, fisheries and wildfire management. First Aid/CPR certificationsavailablethroughasdcte pathway: plantsystems Careers in this pathway focus on the growth and development of plants for use in horticulture, greenhouse management, floral design and agriculture. OSHA 10 9