CTE & School Counseling Professional Learning

There are many great professional learning opportunities locally, state-wide and across the nation.  The CTE & School Counseling Department strives towards supporting CTE teachers and school counselors as they continuously develop their professional skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.  Here are a few local professional learning opportunities.

Counselor with students at table  

Alaska School Counselors Association Conference

School counselors from around the state have an opportunity each November to gather in Anchorage and spend time networking face-to-face while receiving high-quality professional development.  Professional School Counselors build bridges between student and teacher, teacher and parent, parent and community, that all lead back to supporting the success of the students they serve both academically and emotionally.  The annual conference provides counselors opportunities to learn best practices, recharge, and add evidence-based tools to their counseling tool belt.  


CTE Teacher and School Counselor Externships

The Career Technical Education & Counseling Externship Program is designed to support teachers and counselors as they work towards professional growth in an industry workplace setting.  Teachers and counselors are given the opportunity to advance their knowledge of industry standards and trends with professionals actively involved in their field.  Each externship is developed based on teacher or counselor needs and interests. Contact the Business Community Liaison in the CTE & School Counseling Office for more details.


Professional Development Credit - UAA CTE 590 Technical Credentialing

CTE and School Counseling is facilitating Professional Development credit for teachers earning industry certifications.  If you are completing training and/or coursework that will lead to an industry certification, you can sign up for CTE A590 - Technical Credentialing through the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Cost is $69.00 per credit.  Registration details can be found in this FAQ Document.

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