Students will leave ASD prepared for a lifetime of achievement

90% of students will graduate high school


Ten years ago, our graduation rate was 59 percent. Last year, it was 79.7 percent and this year, we're pushing for over 20 points better than a decade ago. With the increase in our graduates, we’re also helping students see the value in earning a diploma. We are proud to have one of the lowest dropout rates ever.


By building connections with our students, we’re making progress and, more importantly, making a positive difference in our students’ lives.

Anchorage School District Goals and Initiatives for 2016/17

The aspirations and requirements for educating students in today's world are vastly different than they were even a decade ago. In order to ensure we are providing the best education possible to our students, we must have a shared vision with a strategic focus. The district's comprehensive, multi-year plan to increase student achievement outlines where we want to be and provides a roadmap to help us get there. This plan will shape educational opportunities around the community's ever-evolving needs and build upon the momentum of the last several years.


Our Initiatives








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