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90% of parents will recommend their child's school to others


A mother and her daughter at Chugiak Elementary.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Crockett

At ASD, we work to build stronger relationships with students and parents through effective communication and parental involvement opportunities.


We welcome and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education. There is no role more important or critical in society than that of a parent. Parents shoulder huge responsibilities, from addressing a child’s immediate needs to instilling in them the importance of education and being their most important advocate.


Within this goal, we measure parent satisfaction and student satisfaction. We believe there is a strong correlation between the two. If students are happy with their school, there’s a good chance that parents will be the same.

Anchorage School District Goals and Initiatives for 2016/17

The aspirations and requirements for educating students in today's world are vastly different than they were even a decade ago. In order to ensure we are providing the best education possible to our students, we must have a shared vision with a strategic focus. The district's comprehensive, multi-year plan to increase student achievement outlines where we want to be and provides a roadmap to help us get there. This plan will shape educational opportunities around the community's ever-evolving needs and build upon the momentum of the last several years.


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