Dashboard delivers data to your fingertips

  • At the Anchorage School Board's direction, the District created a public dashboard featuring data on student academic status, attendance, on track for graduation, and behavior/discipline.

    Future enhancements

    The Data Dashboard was created by ASD’s Information Technology Department. Staff will continue to make enhancements and improvements to the system.

    No sign in or password is needed. Once the dashboard is launched, simply click on the dashboard you wish to view.

    Data available in the public dashboard is suppressed where necessary to prevent individual student identification

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Data Dashboard

  • The number of students in a specific group last month is slightly different than this month's. Why?

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    Data percentages and numbers on any dashboard may change slightly with each data refresh to reflect the most current information. For example, if a student was accidentally marked absent on a day’s attendance log but the information was later corrected and the student marked present, the 90% attendance dashboard information will be updated during the next data refresh.

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  • Why do some dashboards load slower than others?

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    Some dashboards utilize much larger data sets that others and use more complex calculations to derive the numbers and percentages displayed on the dashboard resulting in slower performance.

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  • Do I alter the data when I make selections on any dashboard?

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    Data cannot be altered when interacting with any of the dashboards. No matter how many filters you apply, the original report and data will not be affected. 

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    If you have questions about the Data Dashboard, please contact us via this form.

    If you get an "internal server error", you can check Tableau's status.

    The system servers are not maintained by ASD.


    When user has a Tableau Public account and is signed-in, the filter options for ASD’s dashboards are not available. Tableau support team is working on resolving the issue. If you are not signed-in, you can utilize the filtering options.