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Visit Our Schools Month!

  • Even though the standard Visit Our Schools main events were cancelled this year due to COVID-19, a special event is planned for February 19th, 2022. It will focus on charter schools and alternative programs.


    The special event is a community-wide opportunity to learn about the unique schools and programs that ASD offers, including:


    • ABC (Back to Basics) Programs
    • Alaska Middle College School
    • Alternative Schools
    • ASD Homeschool Programs
    • ASD Virtual
    • Career & Technical Education Programs
    • Charter Schools
    • Fine Arts Programs
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Montessori
    • Open Optional Programs
    • Preschool Programs
    • World Language Immersion Programs


    Come join us at the ASD Education Center (5530 East Northern Lights Blvd) from Noon-4 p.m. on February 19th, 2022!


    If you are interested in learning about our other schools or programs not listed above, please reach out to that school principal for more information.

Watch our Video

  • Christopher Barr, Director of Charter Schools, discusses the ASD alternative education programs in the above video.