Testing Opportunities

  • UAA Placement Assessments


    UAA uses Accuplacer, a computerized placement test to assess skills in English. Students are only permitted to register for English courses at the level indicated by the student’s Accuplacer, ACT or SAT scores. 

    Opportunities to take Accuplacer:

    • Students will need to bring their high school ID or a government issued ID, such as a driver’s license. 
    • Students will need to be prepared to use their UAA ID numbers.
    • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled test time.
    • The Anchorage School District covers the fee for AMCS applicants to take the Accuplacer. Applicants will not be required to pay the testing fee.
    • Register here: Accuplacer Registration
      • Choose 'Anchorage School District - Alaska Middle College'
        • Choose Group: Alaska Middle College
        • Choose Exam: Alaska Middle College - Anchorage
        • Choose Date
        • Choose Time
        • Fill in student information
        • Agree to guidelines
        • Enter your UAA Student ID #
        • Enter your phone number
        • Add to cart
        • Click 'Complete Registration'


    The University Testing Center has provided extended hours for AMCS students on Thursday aftenoons through the end of the semester. We ask that once you register for a time slot, please do your best to keep your appointment.



    ALEKS is an online placement exam used to assess your skills in Mathematics & Statistics. Students who take courses at the levels indicated by their ALEKS placement scores are more likely to succeed in their courses.  The ALEKS placement exam is free to all UAA students.


    The ALEKS test will be proctored by AMCS staff and will be held at AMCS on select Saturdays (TBD) during October, November, and December 2019.  Sign up for the proctored ALEKS test is embedded in the AMCS Application.