• *****If you're already an AMCS student, you do NOT need to re-apply.  This application window is only for NEW applicants*****



    The Spring 2020 Application Window will be open from October 1, 2019 - December 1, 2019.


    After you've completed the first part of the Application process below, and while you're waiting for your UAA ID, please use that time to direct your School Counselor and a Teacher to the Counselor & Teacher Recommendation link on our website.  Recommendations are a required component of the Application and the more time your recommenders have to complete the forms, the better!


    Also, please consider these questions before beginning the application:

    • Why do you want to attend AMCS?
    • Do you feel prepared to take on the rigors of college-level classes?  
    • What does professionalism mean to you?  What is your definition of employability skills?
    • Do you feel your transcript reflects your academic ability?