• In Person Pick Up:

    • All classes walk out together to the playground
    • No parent pick up in building 
    • Meet your child on the playground

    Vehicle Pick Up:

    • Pick up off of Nelchina & 12th
    • Staff parking lot closed
    • Front entry parking lot closed for Special Ed & Preschool buses

    Bus Riders:

    • Students load neighborhood buses on Nelchina by playground
    • Buses depart 3:40


ASD - Q/Zangle

  • Management System for students, teachers and parents
    ASD Website:  Look what it has to offer! 
    Let’s look at how to connect into Q/Zangle

    -Do you have an email ADDRESS?

    -Is your information updated?

    -Cell number to receive email/text


  • We are a Digital Society!

    The ASD App can help you:

    • Check student grades & attendance
    • Check activities
    • Get alerts & messages
    • Check bus information
    • Schedule conferences
    • AND MORE!